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Jeff Dunas Interview

Great interview from FontanaKnowledge



I want to share some links to some great tutorials and just knowledgeable people to learn from.

I will also add 2 Tabs on the right hand side of the window with these links and more to photographers I have learned a lot from and get tons of inspiration from.

Michael Zelbel’s Blog has lots of tutorials he updates usually every thursday:
F Stoppers a couple wedding photographers made this Great website with contests plenty of tutorials, and new related to photography and it’s technology, also a blog format:
This guy shows a lot of very neat techniques including How to shoot water drops and smoke (two tutorials that turned into a couple great shots that are some of my favorite work)
When I got my DSLR this guy taught me SOOO much from
basics to advanced:
Karl has great tutorials landscapes to fashion shoots:


This was the shot I actually entered into the Gizmodo Shooting Challenge. Didn’t win but it was fun as hell to take!


I entered a Photography Challenge with another photo but this was one of the by products

Hello Word Press!

Hello! I am going to post DIY’s, My Kit info, Photo. And well Anything involving my Photography really. Stay tuned

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