Penticton At Night March 12, 2011

A friend suggested I try taking some picture of a decent look out in my town though probably not what she thought I think these turned out well. I then when down town to take a shot at street photography but I lack the confidence to take pictures of random people so I just got a couple random shots of some shops.







Okanagan Lake March 2011

This beach always has killer waves, that nice pier, this old rusty buoy and it’s sign. I always drive past it and never take pictures! This summer I shall stop here more I swear it.




Memorial Light Streaks

Memorial Arena

Memorial Light Streak

I have wanted to get a shot of this piece of art in my home city Penticton for a while now and wanted to get some shots of light rounding the round about. This is the result after finally getting the courage to fight the cold. I wish I could get on top of the arena to get a top down of some lights circling the round about….I might have to do some scouting.

Baby Shoot

My wife has been dying to get some Photo’s of our son in his chubby glory with Denim so I did just that for her. For larger an more images please feel free to click here.

Jeff Dunas Interview

Great interview from FontanaKnowledge


I want to share some links to some great tutorials and just knowledgeable people to learn from.

I will also add 2 Tabs on the right hand side of the window with these links and more to photographers I have learned a lot from and get tons of inspiration from.

Michael Zelbel’s Blog has lots of tutorials he updates usually every thursday:
F Stoppers a couple wedding photographers made this Great website with contests plenty of tutorials, and new related to photography and it’s technology, also a blog format:
This guy shows a lot of very neat techniques including How to shoot water drops and smoke (two tutorials that turned into a couple great shots that are some of my favorite work)
When I got my DSLR this guy taught me SOOO much from
basics to advanced:
Karl has great tutorials landscapes to fashion shoots:


This was the shot I actually entered into the Gizmodo Shooting Challenge. Didn’t win but it was fun as hell to take!


I entered a Photography Challenge with another photo but this was one of the by products

Hello Word Press!

Hello! I am going to post DIY’s, My Kit info, Photo. And well Anything involving my Photography really. Stay tuned

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